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ORIENT DRIVE INDUSTRY(BEIJING) CO.,LTD. Professional manufacture and sale of precision planetary reducer, AC DC motor speed reducer, reducer motor, inverter, gear motors, reversible synchronous motors, precision planetary reducer, worm reducer, servo stepper motors, permanent magnet DC motor, clutch brake motors, micro motors, torque motors, brake motors, 2 pole motor, waterproof motor, inverter motor, vibration motor, motor speed controller, planetary gear motors, AC gear motor, DC gear motor, Coreless DC servo motor and reducer motor, motor coupling series and automatic transmission. DC gear motor output power range of 0.2 ~ 96W, there is a circular gear motors, rectangular gear motors, worm gear motor and so on. Coreless DC Servo Motor, Coreless DC servo gear motor is a high-tech products, widely used in instruments and meters, medical equipment, aerospace and aviation. By selecting a variety of different configurations, can be a gear motor, worm gear motor, no class variable-speed electronic speed motors, electromagnetic brake motors and so on. Products are widely used in instruments and meters, export, printing, packaging, medical machinery, machine tools, valve type, fan type, air compressor and various processing machinery and other various industries. Match industry-driven industries can enhance their level of automation. Zero concurrently and to undertake non-standard customized! SUPANGMOTOR